all the faces

to my jim,


all the faces by creed bratton makes me think of you. it’s the song he wrote for the finale of the office. it just gives me sweet feels about you. “and when my mind is absorbed on my private little and i’m walking blind through a sea of unknown men and i hear a voice reminding there across the street walks an old forgotten friend.” sums up my situation. you are always there whether i see you or not and that matters. i’m a little sad right now because i have no cell service and i can’t get messages from you so who knows what you have said lately. one more day though and i can find out.


i was just telling someone about what you texted me when you found out about the divorce. it will forever remain the best message i received about. i wish i would’ve saved it because it was so perfect but i remember some of it.

“i won’t ask if you are ok because i know you aren’t. i won’t ask you to do anything because you probably dont but if you need a beer or 40, i can do that.”


you weren’t sorry for me. you knew that i didn’t want sympathy but rather that i needed empathy.


one day.




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