boys lie



you are hilarious. i say that tongue in cheek. you’re pitiful. you walked into my house the other night because you felt you had a right. you have no rights in my life. you forfeited those rights the first time you met her. the first time you went to her instead of me. you lost those rights. i’m not sure why you think you still have any rights in my life. there are none for you.


your consistent idea that you should be involved in my life is sickening. it’s as if you have failed to see what you did. actually, i know that you do because to this day, over a year after you started cheating on me, you still claim innoncence and like to say “if that’s what you think” because you personally can’t accept that you are a poor person. poor in spirit, in compassion, in love, in self-love, in being a human. you never learned that you could fail so you just assume that either you have won or you have done nothing wrong.

it’s sickening because some of your family also supports this and is in the mindset that you wronged no one.

this brings me back to your rights with me. you will never gain those rights again. you will never see them again. as soon as the divorce is finailzed, you will never see or hear from me again because in no universe do you ever deserve to be in any part of my life other than the past. you are the past and you will remain the past.





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