never gonna get used to you

ochko drug,

you’re leaving in a few days for la and i’m genuinely sad. not so much because you’re leaving but because you’re leaving and we haven’t talked in almost a week. again. i’d love to know what you are thinking. you are there the minute i need you but if i’m not in distress, you are ignoring me.


so many theories have gone through my head. maybe you do really like me and you don’t want to feel so upset when you leave. it’s easier to say goodbye when it’s on your own terms. maybe you are just not interested (but then one considers how you are there the moment i need you). it’s so confusing and it irritates me because i feel like a teenager again. it’s like i’m in high school, crushing on some stupid boy whne i should be focusing on a million other things.


you would like this place i’m at. it’s peaceful and i think it would remind you of being home. these stupid things that make me think of you. i want to share these stupid things with you because i know you’d love them. what a problem to have, a soulmate who doesn’t soul with you.  does that make sense?





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