i never knew you were the someone waiting for me.

this line from Ed Sheeran’s perfect is one of my favorites.

i believe in soulmates. i also believe that soulmates don’t have to be romantic or even the opposite gender. i believe you can find your soulmate anywhere. and i don’t believe that there is *just* one soulmate for a person.

i found one of my soulmates. i’ve talked about him before and sure, i’m attracted to him but it’s beyond a lust. he gets me. i don’t feel judged by him. i feel like i’m talking to myself. like i can be myself with him.

dreams exist but that’s what they are, dreams. and regardless of our future, whether it remains tied to one another or if we dissipate, i still know that i found one of my soulmates in the world.

and that’s really perfect for me.



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