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so a few months ago, i found out my husband of four years (almost to the day) had been cheating on me.

wow, right? even more shocking than the cheating was the shit i put up with prior to the cheating and his belief that he could do no wrong.

if you’re looking for a blog to help you get through a divorce, telling you what to do and what not, probably not the place. more than anything this will probably end up being depressing and funny. sometimes both. sometimes neither. i never said writing was my strong point.

the goal here is to write virtual letters to those i come across through this, occaisionally occasionally (maybe by the time i’m done with this, i’ll know how to spell that word…probs not) people who have somehow changed my life, occaisionally (really? fuck.) sometimes, people who i’ve gone on dates with.

names will be changed. this is probably not new to divorced people but it’s new to me. timelines are a little wonky because fuck, who remembers that shit (haha just kidding, i remember dates like its my job).

anyways, dueces and enjoy the reading,



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